Letís Heal™ is the result of 75 years experience in developing our products to help you test, protect, promote and comfort the wound towards healing.


What drives us all at Systagenix

Within our business environment - Systagenix has a very clear vision and set of values:

"To develop and market advanced diagnostic and therapeutic systems that enable clinicians to heal every wound predictably and cost effectively."

That is the ambition that drives our business and everyone who works here.

Systagenix is committed to providing innovative products and services that provide breakthrough clinical and economic outcomes in the treatment, management and healing of chronic and acute surgical wounds.

Systagenix meets the wound care needs of modern health care

Systagenix offers a complete full line of wound healing products to meet the wound care needs of health care professionals. Systagenix longstanding commitment to skin and wound care began with innovative wound care treatments developed by the experienced team of R&D Scientists at the Gargrave Centre of Excellence for Wound Healing in North Yorkshire.