Patrick Brosnan

Testing adherence

Sharon Lindsay

Testing antimicrobial dressings

Dr. Sharon Lindsay, Scientific technical lead
This talk discusses a range of tests to compare products and demonstrate antimicrobial efficacy in an attempt to emulate clinically relevant scenarios.
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Priyesh Mistry

Testing fluid handling

Priyesh Mistry, Associate Scientist
One of the main performance criteria for absorbent dressings such as foams is to effectively manage exudate over the duration of wear. Find out about the test methods used to assess fluid handling performance, as well as test methods developed by Systagenix.
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Breda Cullen

Testing for protease modulation

Dr. Breda Cullen, Scientific Programme Manager
EPA (Elevated Protease Activity) has been shown to be associated with non healing wounds, and therefore a dressing that is able to reduce protease activity could be useful in wound healing. Learn about the in-vitro tests used to ascertain the ability of wound care dressings to modulate protease activity.
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