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TIELLE® Family

The TIELLE® Family has a unique design compared to ordinary foams:

  • It contains LiquaLock® technology, which cleverly retains exudate while also letting moisture vapour pass through the dressing, helping to provide an optimal moist wound healing environment.
  • Managing exudate better helps wounds heal faster and increases patient comfort. For instance, in a clinical evaluation of 6,993 patients TIELLE® dressings were proven to be clinically efficacious in all wound types studied, with 95% healing or improvement after 4 weeks of treatment, and to improve the patients’ quality of life1
  • The TIELLE® Family comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and absorbencies, allowing you to find a dressing that suits your patients’ needs

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* For TIELLE®.
TIELLE® Plus up to 15%, TIELLE® Xtra up to 35%, TIELLE® Lite up to 15%,
TIELLE® Packing up to 38%. Results may vary. Data on file.

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